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 “Juggling Passions: How Toaa Found Fulfillment with Graphic Design and Fitness”

In today’s world, many young adults are simply not enough to make ends meet. Others are passionate about doing a side job that they are passionate about beside their main job.

One such person is Toaa, a graphic designer who works for an agency during the day and teaches flexibility at a gym during the weekends and evening weekdays .

Toaa has always had a passion for both design and fitness, and she found that pursuing both at the same time was not only financially beneficial, but also emotionally fulfilling. Her day job as a graphic designer allows her to exercise her creative muscles and work with clients to create compelling designs that meet their needs. But when the work day is over,Toaa heads to the gym to pursue her other side of passion.” I started being a flexibility instructor by end of college and thought that i want this to be my only work, but when i tried the work experience of being a graphic designer, i knew that i wanted to keep doing both”

Being an instructor at the gym is a passion that she’s been cultivating for years. She took a flexibility course at the age of 21  to become an instructor while she was still a college student and has been in the field for 5 years now.

Toaa loves the sense of community that comes with teaching at the gym, and she finds that it’s a great way to stay active and healthy while also earning extra income. “ I always loved healthy life and workouts so being a flexibility instructor gives me the push I need everyday to stay as healthy and fit as I want.”

Of course, balancing two jobs can be challenging at times. Toaa has to be careful to manage her time effectively and make sure she’s not overextending herself.” At the beginning when I started working, I felt like I was pushing myself too hard and I could not find enough time to sleep but as time went by I managed to be on track and find the time to do both without over exaggerating myself .

Toaa also finds that the rewards of her side hustle more than make up for the extra effort.” I love seeing the change of the people I teach. It makes me happy to see them develop in my classes “

Side hustles are becoming increasingly common, and for good reason. They allow individuals to explore their passions and interests while also earning extra income. In many cases, side hustles can even turn into full-time careers if pursued with enough dedication and focus.

Of course, not all side hustles are created equal. It’s important to find something that you’re passionate about and that fits in with your existing schedule

For Toaa, her side hustle as a flexibility instructor has enhanced her life in countless ways. She loves the sense of fulfillment that comes with helping others achieve their fitness goals, and she’s grateful that she could  pursue her passions and live the life she wants. If you’re considering a side hustle of your own, take inspiration from Toaa and find something that makes you happy and helps you achieve your goals.